ESGURS meeting to provide updates, address controversies

27 June 2019

The EAU Section of Genito-Urinary Reconstructive Surgeons (ESGURS) meeting will focus on developments in reconstructive surgery. Its programme will be interspersed with surgical case discussions, semi-live video surgery sessions and other activities.

Participants can look forward to a comprehensive coverage on urethral surgery, penile surgery, and surgery for erectile dysfunction and incontinence. The meeting will also investigate the effect of radiotherapy and the role of robotics in genital reconstruction. Ureteric reconstruction including paediatrics is another vital topic of the programme.

What are the pros and cons of collagenase use? Which method is optimal for pyeloplasty? What is the best way to treat incontinence in the male patient? These are questions that the ESGURS meeting will also address and expound upon.

The meeting will examine major challenges such as lack of funding for basic research of oncology, as a collective central funding from national societies is crucial to advance the field. Another challenge is motivating young promising talent to specialise in this field, as majority want to pursue robotics. The ESGURS meeting will also address the need to for more centres of excellence that will provide certification for competence in all of the areas of genital reconstruction.

The meeting’s expansive programme will also comprise of state-of-the-art lectures by the Young Academic Urologists (YAU), videos and lively debates designed to boost the overall learning experience.

Check out the full programme of the ESGURS meeting.